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About Us!



     Who are we? We are a family team, working to provide effective  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for the small business person at very affordable prices.


    As President & CEO, Barry has been growing this business since building that very first web page way back in 1997. Since then the focus has continued to shift until finally settling down on the real issue, which is getting found. If you're not getting found, well ...


     As the corporate secretary and bride of 38 years, Jeri is also a major impact where design is concerned. Without her eye for a good design feature and the talent to follow through with the execution, our final product would not measure up to the high standards we strive to achieve.


 Barry  Jeri  Cyrus


     Our eldest son, Cyrus, is also an integral part of our business. He serves as Vice President and chief consultant as well as one who follows through on much of the leg work and day to day errand/cleanup/you name it stuff that it takes to get things done on a daily basis.


     We have been growing with the internet and have gradually progressed from web design to design & market, to internet marketing, then internet marketing for websites and finally coming to realize that all the internet marketing in the world will not accomplish the desired results without good, effective SEO.



     You see, the very simple, straightforward premise is this:



       "If They Don't Find You, You Don't Exist!"



     So a boatload of marketing, without good SEO, likely will not produce the
results you are looking for. The world's most beautiful "Electronic Brochure" may only be so to the few people who know where to find it. If those surfing online don't find it, it may just as well not exist!


     The truth is, without good SEO on your site you likely will not be found by anyone!


     SEO is a very broad field that takes in a vast array of tools and techniques that can be used to insure positive results when you do a search on any of the major search engines.


     Without viable SEO implementation there really is no hope of achieving any real success in online marketing, regardless of the products or services you provide. Without it you won't be found and if you aren't found, essentially,



"You Don't Exist!"



     Our goal at Big Sky SEO Services is to provide you, the small business owner, an opportunity to have effective SEO implemented on and off your website for a price that is not only affordable but attractive.


     Thanx for taking the time to consider this page about us!


                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~