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Restylers Consortium Member's

Data Input Page A


Please read this page carefully.



The purpose of this page is to function as a tool to help you send the critical information needed to complete your website. This page and the ones to follow, are dedicated to RC (Restylers Consortium) members, giving you an easy input tool for all your data and product/service information.


By simply checking the boxes and filling in the blanks you can easily convey your needs and desires right here, and they will be sent to the webmaster.


Please pardon the duplicated effort we are asking from you (on this first form only) as there is a valid reason behind our request. This extra effort on your part will ensure that the information we have is accurate.


Recently we were reminded of the significance of this when we tried to call one of your own on the

phone using the number on the business card he had given to Barry at the RI Conference in Long Beach, CA. Well, guess what? The number on his card was wrong and it took several tries before we realized something was wrong. We called Tim Thomerson to verify the number and found the mistake.


So we want to try and avoid the same kind of error here and on your websites.


Thanx for your patience and we appreciate your help in this matter.


Continue below ...


Personal Information (RC internal use)




[required.]Invalid format.


Business Information (RC internal use)




Business Address:

[ required.]


[required.]Invalid format.


Contact Information (for your website)


Mobile Operation:

Please indicate by checking the box below only if you have a mobile operation.

If you operate as a Mobile unit, and do not want your Home address on the website, please supply instructions regarding the address, if any, that you would like to appear on your site
in the box below.




Social Media:




Once you click the "Submit" button below, please
be patient as it will take a minute to process the
entire form. Your form processing is not complete
until you see this on your screen:


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