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ATDC Member's

'Site Appearance'


Personalize Your Site


     The basic elements of this template such as 'navigation link structure', 'footer' and the basic organization and layout of the page will be consistent on all individual sites and may not be changed.


     You may however make custom choices for 7 different sections on this page.


          Section #1: 'Background image'

          Section #2: 'Color scheme'

          Section #3: 'Header image'

          Section #4: 'Optional Film Strip'

          Section #5: 'Tool Tip' balloons

          Section #6: 'Welcome text'

          Section #7: 'Welcome picture/slide show/video'



Let' get started ...


Please tell us who this information is coming from:


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Section #1: Background Options


     Please choose the background option you prefer. If you look closely,

you can see the background on the right has the faint images of truck

accessories. You may choose to use a background with or without the image

of the accessories.


     Some might wonder if it is possible to use a personal or custom image for the background. It is possible but it is not practical and therefore not an option at this time.


     The background with the accessories images is better viewed on the 'atdhelena' website by clicking here.


     Please make your selection by checking the appropriate button below.


     If you would like to change at some point from one to the other, we will

do that for you at no charge, as it would be covered under the maintenance



     Don't forget to click the "Submit" button at the end of the page below.



  Background with image    


Images                 Images




Section #2: Background Color


     You may choose a color scheme here. Simply select the color you

prefer by checking the appropriate button below and it will be applied

to your Website site-wide.


     You may only use one color at a time, but if you decide at some later

time you would like to change colors, we can do that for you at no charge.










Section #3: Header Options


     Here you may choose an option for the 'Header' section at the top of

the page.


     As you can see from the 'atdhelena' site, this image can be a local

scenic picture, but it can also be other things.


     You may choose to supply us with a local scenic picture or perhaps

a picture of your operation, such as a store front, etc. Email us if you

would like us to provide a stock image.


     There is one very important issue to consider. Not all images

will work correctly in this pre-defined space which has a 6 to 1 ratio.


     If you would like your custom photo to fill the space as the scenic option below you need to provide a photo that will work within that

6 to 1 ratio space.


    If you need help with this means visit the 'Header Image' page for a detailed explanation.






      Option #1 Logo      Option #2 Scenic      Option #3 Your operation


  logo  scenic  shop


Upload your own image here:



Section #4

Optional Film Strip





film strip images










Section #6: Welcome Text


     Here you can supply any text you prefer for the 'Welcome' message

on the 'Home' page. Just enter the text in the box below.


     If you prefer not to supply text for this section we will modify what

you see on the 'atdhelena' site to fit your location.







Section #7:

Introductory (Welcome) Image


         Here you can choose to use an image as part of your 'Welcome" message. You may also use this form to upload any other images or files you need to send us here.


     Please use the field below where it says, "Upload your image or video here"

to search your own computer for the files you would like to send us. You may upload as many as needed, but only one at a time. So simply upload one image, then go back and upload another and continue this process until you have successfully upload all that files you need to send us.


     These can be a still photos, a slide show of your pictures (you supply the pictures and we will make a slide show from them for an additional fee [does not apply to "Charter Members"]) or a video (from you or us, but again an additional fee will apply [does not apply to "Charter Members"]).


     A custom video can be provided by us for an additional fee also.


     We can also supply an audio file for your use as well, that will be produced by us for you for use on your site, again, for an additional fee.


     For one example, look at 'atdhelena' to see a custom video/slide



     Videos are usually very large files and can be difficult to upload through a venue such as this. If you need to send a very large file, such as a video, please try to adhere to the 20MB limit imposed by the server and it should work fine. But if not, and you need to send a very large file, please contact us for instructions on how to proceed and we will help.


    As an alternative you can go to YouSendIt and use their service that

will let you send up to 50MB for free, and it's easy to use, the only limitation is that you can only send one file at a time. That is merely an inconvenience as you may return and send additional files for free one at a time. When using

this service please send to this email address: [email protected]


      (note: If you need to send multiple files, as long as you are below the 20MB threshold, you may send as many as you like, one file at a time. Or alternatively you can use this email address [email protected] and attach all your files to the email. However the limitation here is imposed by the server, that is to say, your email server, and that limitation is probably around 1MB although it can vary from one ISP to another. Try it and if it fails to work try a smaller file.)



Upload your files here:



                 Please don't forget to click the "Submit" button

                            below to complete the process.



           Once you click the "Submit" button, please be patient

              as it will take a minute to process the entire form.