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Restylers Consortium Member's

Data Input Page B


Please read this page carefully.


     By checking the boxes and filling in the blanks you can easily if you would like to have email addresses supplied by us for your new web site.


     Please pardon any duplication as an effort to ensure accuracy.


     Thanx for your patience and we appreciate your help in this matter.


Let's get started ...


     First, please tell us who this information applies to by giving your name and current working email address here:


[required] (for tracking purposes)


[required] (for tracking purposes)




Email Addresses & Other Options


     Included in your new web presence will be two (2) new domains names or

URL's that for SEO purposes will be 'autotrimdesignof(yourtown).com', and 'atd(yourtown).com'. For example:, or, or, etc.


     Use the suggestions below and/or provide your own in the boxes marked Other. Please check the boxes that apply and fill in the fields for clarification.



Email Addresses Requested by You (for your new site):


     You can choose the emails addresses you would like to have for use in your business. We have found in practice that it is not wise to use these one the site however as any email address on the site can and will attract spammers. All email links on the site will lead to the 'Contact' page form where an email can be sent.


     You may have as many as you need and may personalize one for any employee that you want to have an email address. Her are some examples.


     Check the ones that apply and put the name in the box below it. The ones with no 'box', already have the name, such as, "info", "service", "support", etc.

Many other websites use these designations for organizational purposes.













     These next fields can be used for anyone else that needs to use email.






Optional Important Pages


     Please indicate which of these optional pages you would like on your site, if any, by checking the appropriate box or boxes. (Please give due consideration to using a mission page (find out why here). A little effort here will go a long way in branding your company, and yes, people do read this stuff)


     Using the help provided will make it easier for you. If you would like to use a mission page you will have the opportunity to supply the content for it. Simply do your research, write your mission statement and enter the text here on this page or alternatively you may email it to us.


    We've supplied the links for you to use to do a little research so you can make an informed decision.


     An 'About Us' page is a must. Every viable site on the Internet has one, and you need one too, so make it a good one.


(this page is not really optional. get help here): 'About Us' help




(check out the some thoughts here): 'Mission Statement Resources'




(a page to introduce your team. You supply photos and text)



Other pages you may need (other than product pages):






Affiliates & Logos


     Restylers Int and SEMA logos will be used by default unless you indicate otherwise. All supplier logos will be provided by us and used on their individual pages. You may send us any personal or private logo you have developed for your own use that we would not normally have access to.


Once you click the "Submit" button, please be patient as it will take a minute to process the entire form. Your form processing is not complete until you see this on your screen:



thanks page