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Data Input for 'Dash Kits'

or 'Dash Mats'


das kits





On this page you can tell us which "Dash Kits"

products and services you provide that you would

like to see on your website.





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Dash Kits


     If you sell Dash Kits you may choose your suppliers here by checking the appropriate boxes below.


     If you do not sell Dash Kits please use the box below for 'Custom Content' to indicate that you 'Do Not' sell Dash Kits to make sure we have your position accurately. Thanx.




     If you use suppliers not listed just check the boxes as appropriate (if you have 2 then check the 2 boxes marked "Other Brand 1" & "Other Brand 2" and put the names in the text box. Please also supply the URL or web address for those products so we may obtain accurate information to use on your site). If you also choose to supply custom content we can easily discern the difference. Should you do both we can see you checked 2 'Other' boxes and will look for the names along with the text.


     If you would like to provide personalized content for the Dash Kits page on your site please see the instructions on the 'Content' page.


     After reviewing the information on the 'Content' page you can enter your custom content in the box below.


     (Note: it is NOT mandatory to submit any custom text in order to make your product selections using the check boxes above. You may select any or all of the check boxes and 'submit' without any text in the text box.)