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Personalize Your Page Content



This page will explain how you can use

this opportunity to add personal content

to any page on your website



     Things on this page should be self explanatory but if you have any questions please feel free to call or email at any time and we will be happy to assist you with any concern or difficulty.


     There will be a standard page format for each product line as well as a separate page for each individual supplier. In other words, we will develop a standard page for 'running boards' that will be a generic page with generic content on running boards that will work on every site. This page will have links to any other supplier pages (each developed separately) that correspond to any of the suppliers you use. These supplier pages will also be generic in the sense that a page for "Owens Pro" will work on ever site, it will have content taken directly from Owens Pro's website, and if you use their running boards you may choose the option of having this page on your site.


     And the same will apply to all other products and suppliers that are used by any one of your members. We will develop a separate page for each and every supplier and product that any of you use now, and will produce new pages as new products and suppliers come into the picture later.


     You will also have the opportunity to personalize each of the main product pages with your own individual thoughts about how you personally feel about and deal with "Running Boards", for instance.


     So for the "Running Board" page you might supply text something like this, "Auto Trim Design of 'Your City' puts great emphasis on running boards because in this part of the country they are a necessity for anyone that owns a pickup truck ... ", there, you get the picture. You have the opportunity to make the page your own. After your personal rhetoric the 'Page content' will continue with the standard content that will be on every 'main product page' for that particular product.


     This can apply to the 'supplier' pages as well. They will each remain the same with content specific to that supplier, but if you wish, you may supply us with some brief content that tells what you like about this particular product, and this can be inserted at the beginning of the page content.


If you choose not to supply 'personalized' content, that's fine as the original page content will be sufficient to stand on it's own.



     Now let's also address the main navigation links to the right and left of the page center. Right now on the 'ATD Helena' site you will see these links:



          Under "Cars" on the left:    ~~~~~~~~   Under "Trucks" on the right:



                 Tinting                                            Toppers

                 Paint Protection                               Tonneau Covers

                 Leather                                            Running Boards

                 Electronics                                       Grill Guards

                 Chrome Trim                                    Fender Flairs

                 Spoilers                                           Chrome Trim

                 Custom Graphics                               Floor Mats

                 Floor Mats                                         Hitches

                 Navigation                                        Bed Caps

                 Custom Signs                                     Mud Flaps


     These two columns of links with Headings, 'Cars' and 'Trucks' are part of the 'Home' page and will remain in place for all sites. You have the option to use any or all of these links already in place. However you also may choose to use different links for different products (that is they can be renamed to suite your purposes) according to you own business. You may have more links or less depending on your needs, the only stipulation being that the number on each side remain the same. Hence as you can see, there is some duplication on the ATD Helena site. After all we can have 'Floor Mats' for cars and trucks both, right?


     Keep in mind that in order to provide balance and therefore a professional appearance you must end up with an equal number of main category links on each side of the main page (see atdhelena). This will only apply to the main page as all the product pages will contain all the main product categories you choose to use, all on one side (left side only, see atdhelena's 'Tint' page). So for example, if you choose 6 main categories for Car Accessories, then you also need to select the same number (6) for the Truck Accessories on the other side to balance things out. This layout with two main category columns of links, being Car Accessories on the left and Truck Accessories on the right, will remain consistent on the Home page for everyone and is not optional to change.


     However you will have the option to provide your own personalized text for the first part of the content in the center of the page on each and every page, and this will be placed ahead of the generic content. As was mentioned earlier, this is to give you a chance to have your own personalized content on each page. Think about this for future reference while we build a separate form for you to use in providing the personalized content. This will greatly simplify the process for you. Here is the example from atdhelena's Home page ...



(Welcome ...


     to Auto Trim Design of Helena MT. We are your one best place for all your car and truck accessory needs. Come in and let us prove to you that we really are the best place for window tinting, custom electronics like mobile video or custom car stereo, chrome accessories, leather seat coverings, paint protection, grill guards, tonneau covers, toppers, running boards, bed caps & more!


Come in or give us a call. When it comes to dressing up your car or truck our years of experience will prove we're the experts in the field. Thanks for taking a look around in our online store. We hope to see you in person soon.


Please feel free to watch our "Welcome" video below, it's our personal welcome message from us to you. We hope you enjoy your visit.)




     So in an effort to ensure this is clear, a little repetition for the sake of clarity follows ...


     You were given an opportunity earlier to input some personalized "Welcome" text. This is an expansion on that theme and you may choose to use it or not, it's strictly your choice. If you choose not to provide any additional text we will use the text above (or something similar), and modify it to reflect your business location. All this is an effort to make it easier for you to personalize your web presence and brand your business as you desire.


     This Welcome text can be optionally changed to reflect your personal business philosophy. You will have the option to provide this personalized text for any or all of the product pages as well as mentioned above. It will not be mandatory for you to do so however. We will provide generic text on each page that may suit your needs well enough without changing it. You will have the option to choose between the generic text and generic plus your own.


         There are also three separate links in the center of the page directly below the Welcome Video. These links are purposely placed here to attract maximum exposure and you may use them for those most important profit center products. We will change the link names according to your individual needs.