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Data Input for 'Profit Centers'



On this page you can tell us which "Profit Centers"

you want to see below the main content on the

pages of your website.


These "Profit Center" links will appear on most every page on

your site to afford you maximum exposure to those products

that provide you with the best ROI (return on investment).



Here is an example:


profit center links


This is the 'Mission' page on Doug Smith's site,

however remember that these links will appear on most

pages giving more opportunities to attract attention.

These links will take a visitor to the page for the specific

product named in the link, so in other words, if the link

says 'Window Tinting' then the link will take one to the

"Window Tinting" page.


As you can see there is a limit of 3 of these 'Profit Center'

links as that uses the space effectively.

In this way you will get the maximum exposure for the products
that give you the best profit margins





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Profit Centers


     If you have Profit Centers you would like to highlight you may choose your them here by checking the appropriate boxes below. Remember the 3 link limit as that is the most effective use of the space. So pick your most profitable prducts to dispaly here for the best ROI.





     If you have 'Profit Centers' not listed just check the boxes as appropriate (if you have 2 then check the 2 boxes marked "Other Products 1" & "Other Products 2" and put the names in the text box. Please also supply the URL or web address for those products so we may obtain accurate information to use on your site).