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Your 'About Us' Page



     Please consider this information carefully. Here you will find links to some very useful pages that will help with writing an 'About Us' page for your new website. Below you will find instructions on how to send us the information you choose to use.


     Certainly all of this does not apply to you and you will need to go through and pick out what you feel will work best for you and your site. There is some valuable information on each of these pages but you don't necessarily have to read every page to get what you need to make a viable story about who you are.


     First you should consider why you should write an About Us page at all. It can be, but doesn't have to be, time consuming and take a good deal of effort. However many agree that the time is well spent and the rewards can be great.


     Why should I write an 'About Us' page?


     Check this page for help with answering the 'Why'?. It is a little hard to follow but has great information on why you really should have an 'About' page.


     Why you should write in the third person.


     There are good reasons for writing in the third person. Read them here.



    Next you will want help figuring out 'How' to write the page. Look at each of the links below to find all the help you will need. In the end you will have an 'About Us' page that will be better that 99.9% of all the About Us pages out there, if you use the help provided on these pages:


     How to write the 'About Us' page:


     The best place to start: Guidelines for writing a good 'about us' page


                How to part #2      How to part #3      How to part #4




     Next are some sets of rules or guidelines:


     Ten great rules to look at: 10 rules for creating a great about us page





     Some example sites to look at:


     Here you'll find some great examples of well done 'About' pages:


            12 examples of some of the best on the web


             More good examples




     Some additional useful information:


     Why the 'contact' page goes last but the 'About Us' page always goes ahead.


             Why the about us page goes ahead




     The skillful use of the information on this page can have a large impact on your website and therefore your online business potential. Please make good use of it and enjoy the results.


     Once you have decided exactly what you want your 'About Us' page to contian (including pictures is a best practice) you can simply email your data to us using this emaill link  'About Us' page informaion.


     Thanx for your attention to this very important pat of your new web presence.


                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~