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Header Options




Your ‘Header’ options …


     These pictures show a progression of events and where they lead.

     Once we have a usable photo (assuming you want to use one, as most do)
we can start the process of trying different things until we get what you want.


     Here's an example of how to get a usable photo:


     Start with a picture that has a lot of area top and bottom that won't be missed when cut away after we take a slice out of the middle somewhere (not the VERY middle, it can be closer to the top or bottom as you will see).


      We might start with a picture like this ...



     Then we 'slice' out the part we want like this ...



     Now we have a picture that has the proper 'aspect ratio' for the space reserved for the header at the top of the page.


Next: Options for the 'New Picture'


     As you can see below you may choose to use one of the existing logos that we have on hand(or one that you have already if you prefer[some already have their own custom logos]) and you can choose size for name, phone # etc.


    Also placement of either element is optional as can be seen from the examples below.


     In the end we come to have something that suits you.




Here's how it works ...


Here we need to pick a logo style and size, a size for the name and locations
for all. Do we want phone #? How big and where?


Here we started with the logo styles …


Then added the name of the locale under the logo and the phone number …


Finally … enlarged phone number. And vua la!  Done


Here we tried to start with a photo that just didn’t work real well (on left)
and some other elements. A place to start the process at least …


Found a photo that worked much better and used different arrangement for the logo …


Added the name …


Tried the shop picture. Didn’t like it well very …


Ended up here …


The whole idea here is to provide some examples, but more importantly
to show that you have options and that we want to end up with something
that is to your liking, that you can be happy with and proud to have on your
website, your online presence, your online store …


Hope this is helpful.

                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~