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Search Results/New RC Members





     Here are some very preliminary results for some of the new RC Member sites for what is probably the most important profit center for the majority of you, 'Paint Protection'.


     You can do these searches yourself to varify the results, just remember to use the 'city name' to get local results, otherwise you will get the very largest and most viable sites on the web, such as "3M".


    Also remember not to search for yourself or your company, because of course, if you do, that is what you will get. But we are trying to get people that are looking for your products to find you, your store, your company.


     Please remember that these results are very early, and the fact that they do show some good traction is a really good thing. Over time these results will continue to improve as more and more SEO tactics are deployed in the field and on the pages themselves. Google is fickle and these results may not be typical and certainly are not guaranteed.

     Please note that the number (1., 3., etc) at the beginning, the upper left hand corner, is the position in the Google search results. Notice also that all of these early results are on the first (#1) page in the results.


     In particular, notice the first two, Helena and North Liberty. In both cases they own the first 3 spots on page #1 in this Google search!!


     So here we go.. This is just a small sample. We will update these as time goes on, but for now here are some early test results ...


(please click the small image for a larger one)



                             Helena                                 North Liberty

helena paint results     NOrth Liberty paint results

 Idaho Falls                          North Mankato
Idaho Falls paint protection results     North Mankato paint protection results

Kalamazoo                            Frederick
Kalamazoo paint protection results     Frederick paint protection results

      Fargo                             Charlottesville
Fargo paint protection results     Charlottesville paint protection results

Memphis                              Fairbanks
Memphis paint protection results     Fairbanks paint protection results