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"SEOEE #1 Gmail"




Some of you already use Google’s ‘gmail’ service and that is a good thing, because it has become very significant.

It is easy and FREE to sign up. Did I mention it is free?

Ever see those little orange balloons in Google search result (SERP)?

What are they doing there? Are they important?

They help a searcher find what they are looking for. They can put you on the map! See the map? Do you want to be on it?


Do you want to be found on the map when people in your area search for your products and services. Or are you contend to let your competition have the map cause you are too busy with other things to notice that they ARE on the map and you are NOT!


That’s why Big Sky SEO is here to help. Because you are busy. But we don’t want to let it go unnoticed that it is very important to be on this map. And you won’t get on there unless you sign up for Google+. But that is a topic for another SEOEE later on.


First off, right now, if you do not have a gmail account you need to get one. This is so that when you are ready, and we’ll teach you how, you can sign up for your very own Google+ account and flesh out the page they give you so we can start inviting surfers who know you to give a great review for the good work you did on their rig. Later we’ll show you how to link this to Facebook for those that use it (we’ll be advising you all to do so in the future).


This only one part of a very big puzzle that is Google/YouTube/Blogger/Video/social media et al.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first. Use this link
and go to the sign up page and get your gmail account set up.


Let us know when you have gotten this first step done and then we can move ahead.


Then look forward to a later email that will provide instructions on how to sign up for Google+.


That’s all for this time. Much more to come soon.

Now go sign up for gmail. Did I mention it’s FREE?


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