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"SEOEE #4 We Need Your Help"




Good day gentlemen,

we need help only YOU can provide.     [Please Reply, we need your help]

This is not optional if you want your web site to thrive, and if we do not make it thrive it  WILL  stagnate.


Remember Hummingbird? Google's newest algorithm for organic page ranking....

In researching the reason why Google has lowered rankings for one of our member websites (although traffic has only dropped slightly), here is a response from one of Google's own:

Gary Illyes   Google Employee


Dec 25




Hi Baustin7,

It's important to our algorithms (and users) that a website has significant unique, compelling, and high-quality content or added value of its own. Currently our algorithms have detected pages on your site that do not provide substantially unique or original content that adds value for users.


For quite some time, we have talked about the need to update your individual pages on your site with content that is 'specific', 'unique' to you. Especially your product pages.


This newest algorithm is demanding it. Google's expectation is that anyone who has a legitimate site would  have unique content peculiarly their own. If Google finds otherwise, [duplicated content] it perceives it as potentially a spam site and refuses to continue to rank it highly.


You are the best person to write that content for each of your individual stores. We cannot do it for you. It isn't that we don't want to, we just can't. Just consider it a conversation with someone who walked into your store. What would you tell them?


Let's start with your BEST ROI product. (you pick it and we will use what you give us and update that page first)

     Using 2-3  brief  paragraphs to answer each of the following questions:
1. Why should they choose you?
2. What do you have to offer that others don't.
3. What are the benefits: Do you offer guarantee; Are you faster; Will you save them more money?


Here are 3 options to get that info to us:

1. Send your text in an email.

2. Do a live Google Hangout with me. (without video. we will transcribe your speech to text)

3. We can do an interview with you, a 'Live Hangout on Air'. (this will produce a video that we can use to further enhance your ranking on Google as they own YouTube and love it when we use their stuff). This is a great tool to boost search results and it is the preferred method. We will help you set things up for success.


  (Options 2 and 3 require that you be signed up on Gmail & Google + [which you need to do anyway to get PROPER placement on the map]. It's like talking with someone over the counter in your store, but on the computer, only on video. Comb your hair, smile, and click the link that we will send you in an email. (we’ll have to set up a time to do this that works for both of us) It's easy and it gets super ranking!



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